Clean energy to last mile homes.

With our energy efficient cookstoves, we are saving women and children in last mile communities from the dangers of open-fire cooking.

The Problem

A woman and her son cooking with open-fire

We are solving the health and environmental perils of open-fire cooking in last mile communities in Nsukka, Nigeria. This predominantly inefficient cooking method is harming our planet and the 3 billion people, globally, who depend on it for cooking. It is the leading cause of unsustainable fuel harvesting and deforestation, accounting for 55% of global wood harvest. Bio...See more

Our Approach

We interviewed last mile Nsukka women who depend on open-fire cooking.

We are using the lean methodology and human-centered design approaches to achieve problem-solution fit and to ensure that our product fits the culture, habits and skill level of our target users. As part of our customer discovery, we interviewed women and children in last mile Nsukka communities who are exposed to the dangers of open-fire cooking. By asking the right questions, we dive deep into their world and build our solution from their perspective. A solution that fits to the highest possible degree, their needs and circumstances.

Our Solution

A woman and her son cooking with open-fire

Our proposed solution is a clean and energy efficient biomass cookstove, that has been designed to ensure optimum fuel consumption and which utilizes thermoelectric technology to eliminate toxic emissions. Our cookstove design provides adequate insulation to ensure minimal heat loss from the combustion chamber and channels the generated heat of combustion directly to the cooking vessel, curbing excessive fuel usage and thus minimizing atmospheric CO2 emissions. Also, we have utilized a thermoelectric generator (TEG) which converts part of the thermal energy generated in combustion chamber to electrical energy which powers an electric blower. The TEG-blower system is carefully designed to ensure that the air supply...See more is turbulent so that oxygen-deficient local regions in the combustion zone get enough air supply. Also, the high temperature combustion chamber is high enough to ensure combustion gases spend enough combustion time. All these ensure complete fuel combustion, thus eliminating toxic CO emissions, making our cookstove healthy for women and children.